The Internet Society (ISOC) Namibia Chapter was found and officially chartered in September 2017. The Internet Society Namibia Chapter aims is to serve as the most preferred, inclusive & multi-stakeholder Internet Advocacy umbrella body of the republic of Namibia.The Chapter serve the Global Internet Society’s purposes by serving the interests of the Namibian community through a local presence focus on local issues and developments, and use of local languages.

The ISOC Namibia Chapter is working towards the mission of the Internet Society which is “To promote the open development, evolution, and use of the Internet for the benefit of all people throughout the world.”

ISOC Namibia Chapter’s key goals:

– To assist in the Achievement of Universal Access to Internet in Namibia
– To advocate for a secure Cyber environment
– To promote ICT and digital literacy i.e. computer use and awareness
– To promote online protection for all
– To promote awareness for advanced technology in the country
– To advocate for protection of citizens online against surveillance and online profiling
– To promote the development of Open Data
– To promote the Namibianisation(Promotion of Local content, Cultural Diversity & Usage) of the Internet
– To promote adoption of open development of standards, protocols and the technical infrastructure of the     internet in Namibia
– To promote Techpreneurship in the country
– To advocate for web neutrality
– Promote free & secured Internet access for all